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Polymer battery

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Huazhou technology products: adopt cobalt + nickel material system, good battery cycle times, small volume, no drum, no leakage, high and low temperature resistance, increase double protection line, improve the safety performance of overcharge, over discharge and short circuit.
Low end industrial products: adopt manganese material system or nickel + manganese material system, which has the disadvantages of poor cycle times, small volume, easy to drum and leakage liquid, poor low-temperature environmental capacity, no protection plate, easy to light up the shortcomings of battery explosion and accelerated battery aging.
The three element polymer lithium battery refers to the lithium battery used for cathode materials, nickel cobalt lithium manganate (Li (NiCoMn) O2) three cathode material, and gel polymer electrolyte. As the transmission medium of ionic movement, electrolyte is usually composed of solvents and lithium salts. The electrolyte of lithium secondary battery mainly consists of liquid electrolyte, ionic liquid electrolyte, solid polymer electrolyte and gel polymer electrolyte. The electrolyte of two lithium batteries is mainly composed of liquid electrolyte, ionic liquid electrolyte, solid polymer electrolyte and gel polymer electrolyte. Gel polymer electrolytes consist of polymers, organic solvents and lithium salts, and are prepared by mixing organic electrolyte and solid polymer matrix. Because of its existence in the form of gelation, it has the advantage of solid electrolyte and liquid electrolyte. Because electrolyte is confined in polymer chain, it has high ionic conductivity (up to 10-3S/cm) in a wide temperature range. The biggest advantage of the membrane is that the mechanical strength of the diaphragm is high, and the film provides a large surface area. The thinner the film, the higher the energy density, because more active substances can be embedded in the battery. In addition, the electrochemical stability is also very good, high temperature resistance, most of the high-temperature batteries on the market are polymer electrolyte.
Huazhou scientific and technological products: for example, iw5133 Series Mini explosion-proof headlamp adopts the material system as nickel + cobalt configuration scheme, with capacity of 2000 Ma, multiple cycle charging times and built-in double protection line. It is strictly implemented in accordance with explosion-proof standards, with protection performance of overcharge, over discharge and short circuit, so as to ensure the safety performance of the product.
Low end industrial products: pure manganese discharge platform or second-hand machine battery is adopted, with the capacity basically as virtual standard. The battery capacity is fast to power down, which is easy to leak liquid or drum. The battery has no protection measures, so that the product is in explosive or damaged state at any time.


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