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R & D team

      The company has strong technical force, a group of middle and senior professional and technical personnel, developed a series of explosion-proof products, representing the leading level of domestic similar products, and obtained relevant product patents. The developed series of explosion-proof products are novel in structure, stable in performance and powerful in function, which fully meet the requirements of explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, environmental protection, energy saving and ultra long service life, and become a new product A generation of explosion-proof lighting, electrical products.

      The company adopts advanced equipment and technology, and the key processes such as die casting, machining and spraying are all automatic or semi-automatic. The detection center is equipped with a large number of advanced detection equipment, such as distributed photometer, high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat test chamber, salt spray test equipment, sand dust test chamber and protection test equipment. It is one of the companies with excellent facilities and equipment in the same industry in China.