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Cylindrical battery

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Huazhou technology products: the first-line brand a cell is adopted, and it has dual protection performance (overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit protection, etc.), real capacity, long service life and low risk of battery accident.
Low end industrial products: three no brand cell, using B-type or disassembled cell, without the protection function of battery short circuit, overcharge and overdischarge, short service life, false capacity, prone to battery explosion and other risks.
The main dimensions of cylindrical battery are: 14430 14500 14650 17280 17335 17500 18500 18650 18740 22430 26650 32650 and other specifications.
Flashlights commonly used rechargeable battery: 18650
The flashlight cell used by Huazhou science and Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly the first-line well-known brand cell a, which has the characteristics of sufficient capacity, good cycle times and strong resistance to high and low temperature. Besides, double protection lines are added outside the cell to improve the safety factor of the product and realize the risks of overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit.




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