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Explosion proof

Analysis of 12 categories of explosion proof electrical apparatus for factory

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 The market demand for explosion-proof products is relatively large, so there are many manufacturers, mainly including lighting switch, transfer switch (combination switch), travel switch, pull switch and other small explosion-proof products. The main products include explosion-proof fan, fan blade and exhaust fan.

1、 Explosion proof control box
It mainly includes lighting distribution box for controlling lighting system and power box for controlling power system. Most of the structures of this kind of products are combined, which can control up to 12 circuits. Most of their shells are made of cast aluminum alloy, some of them are welded with steel plate, and a few of them are made of insulating materials. Its interior is mainly composed of circuit breaker, contactor, thermal relay, transfer switch, signal lamp, button and other components. The manufacturer can also choose to equip according to the needs of users. The maximum explosion-proof level can reach iict6. By the way, explosion-proof automatic switch, explosion-proof knife switch and fuse are often used to control the power or lighting distribution system in some control occasions, but they are only a single piece. Therefore, these products are also included in this category.
2、 Explosion proof starter
Such products include manual starter, electromagnetic starter, reversible electromagnetic starter, self coupling decompression starter, Y - △ transformation buck starter and feed switch. Explosion proof starter products as terminal control equipment, generally a starter control a motor, belongs to a large range of products. The shell is usually made of cast aluminum alloy or steel plate. Its interior is generally composed of contactor (air type or vacuum type), motor protection system, signal lamp, button and autotransformer, and generally has local control, remote control and automatic control functions. Some products are equipped with circuit breaker as the main switch, which makes the product more perfect.
3、 Explosion proof control switch
The market demand for these products is relatively large, so there are many manufacturers, mainly including lighting switch, transfer switch (combination switch), travel switch, pull switch and other small explosion-proof products. The explosion-proof grade of these products can reach Ⅱ CT6. The explosion-proof shell is usually made of cast aluminum alloy, and a few manufacturers use other materials. These products are characterized by small volume, single internal components, low technology content, simple structure and easy manufacture.
4、 Explosion proof master electrical appliances
Master is used to close or open the control circuit, in order to send commands or program control of the switch. This kind of explosion-proof electrical apparatus mainly includes control button and operation column. The shell of explosion-proof control button is generally made of polycarbonate, glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin or ABS plastic injection molding, and a small amount is made of cast aluminum die casting. The general structure is increased safety shell, which is equipped with explosion-proof components, and can realize the anti-corrosion function, and the explosion-proof level can reach class Ⅱ C. The operation column is mainly composed of main box, junction box and pillar. Some of the main box and junction box are made into one, some are made into separate, each has its own characteristics. Its material is basically made of cast aluminum alloy. The interior is composed of various instruments, transfer switches, buttons and signal lights. It can be combined according to different needs. Mine bracket lamp, mine projection lamp, mine led roadway lamp, mine sound light signal device, mine floodlight, emergency lamp, metal halide lamp
5、 Explosion proof junction box
Electrical equipment in use must be connected with the power supply network through wires or cables to form a system to complete its use function. But its connecting wire or cable can not be infinite, and in the process of connection, there are many places need to be connected in series or parallel. This will inevitably lead to some exposed joints, which is easy to cause accidents. Explosion proof junction box products are produced to solve such problems, in order to further ensure safety in production. This kind of products include junction box, junction box, threading box, suspension box, junction box and so on. The shell is mainly made of cast aluminum alloy. According to the need, there are many lead-in and lead-out devices. There are terminals in the box for connection or tapping. Most of these products are made into explosion-proof or increased safety type, with large volume and small volume, and the explosion-proof grade can reach class Ⅱ C. Mine bracket lamp, mine projection lamp, mine led roadway lamp, mine sound light signal device, mine floodlight, emergency lamp, metal halide lamp
6、 Explosion proof lamps
Any workplace and environment must take lighting measures, including places containing all kinds of explosive gases. Because of its many places of use, all over the production corner, which makes the explosion-proof lamps and lanterns mass production. This kind of products have many varieties and complete specifications, but can be roughly divided into lighting, logo, signal, portable and other forms; from the light source type, it can be divided into incandescent lamp, mercury lamp, sodium lamp, halogen lamp, dysprosium lamp and fluorescent lamp; from the structure, it can be divided into more diverse types, such as hanging type, hanging type, wall mounted type, ceiling type, portable type, cantilever type, etc. From the installation point of view, explosion-proof lamps can be realized from 30 ° to 90 °. In terms of power, it can range from tens of watts to hundreds of watts. The installation height is from the ground to several meters. It can be said that the explosion-proof lamps are the products with the largest output and the most use among all the explosion-proof electrical products. Moreover, due to its specific functions, it causes a situation of large loss and replacement. The structure and shape of these products are different and vary a lot, but from the aspect of explosion-proof performance, they are mainly flame-proof type, and the shell material is mainly cast aluminum alloy, which can basically meet the needs of various lighting and display functions of users in places below class Ⅱ C. Mine bracket lamp, mine projection lamp, mine led roadway lamp, mine sound light signal device, mine floodlight, emergency lamp, metal halide lamp
7、 Explosion proof connection
Explosion proof connector is mainly used for cable connection and cable branching. Its main products are explosion-proof plug and explosion-proof power socket box. The rated voltage is 220 V ~ 380 V, and the maximum rated working current can reach 100 a. the products have two pole, three pole plus neutral wire and grounding wire structure. The shell of the product is made of metal and plastic materials, and the explosion-proof grade can reach class II C. Its interior is mainly composed of connectors. Some products are equipped with a switch with a breakpoint. The switch and the connector all have interlocking function, that is, first disconnect the switch and then plug, first insert the plug and then close. Products without switch also have the function of disconnecting the main circuit first and then the grounding
The function of inserting the ground wire first and then the main circuit. This is to ensure safe operation. Most of these products are used for direct operation, so the requirements for their insulation performance are generally high, which should not be ignored.
8、 Explosion proof fans
This kind of products mainly include explosion-proof ceiling fan, explosion-proof exhaust fan and explosion-proof axial flow fan. Its structure is composed of explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof speed controller and blade. Its rated working voltage is generally up to 380V, and its explosion-proof level can reach iibt4.
9、 Explosion proof electrical appliances with heating function
Petrochemical enterprises often need some heating equipment and electrical heating equipment in the production process, so the explosion-proof problem of such products is also very important. The main products are explosion-proof electric heater, explosion-proof heater. Although the main function of explosion-proof control transformer and explosion-proof ballast is not to obtain heat energy, they will also generate heat in operation, which should be paid great attention to, so they are all included in this kind of products. Of course, in today''''s rapid development of science and technology, there will be a lot of high-tech materials made of electric heating equipment, but its explosion-proof problem can not be ignored. The main components of explosion-proof heating equipment are winding, controller and junction box, and often have the protection function of temperature control or monitoring. This kind of products are basically flame-proof type, and the explosion-proof grade is iibt4.
10、 Explosion proof alarm appliances
In some production occasions, some lights and sounds are often needed to prompt people''''s action. In the environment containing explosive dangerous gas, this kind of electrical appliances is more important. Its main products are explosion-proof indicator, explosion-proof bell, explosion-proof electric whistle, explosion-proof buzzer and other products. The structure is usually flame-proof, and it is made of cast aluminum alloy. The explosion-proof grade can reach Ⅱ CT6. Its working voltage can be divided into DC 36 ~ 220 V and AC 380 v. Explosion proof junction box and explosion-proof shell are the main structural parts.
11、 Explosion proof electromagnets
This kind of products mainly include explosion-proof electromagnet, explosion-proof solenoid valve, explosion-proof electromagnetic driver and other products. Its working principle is under the action of electromagnetic field, through the electromagnetic force generated to promote the work of mechanical equipment, generally used for control. Most of the structures are flame-proof type, made of cast steel or cast iron, with explosion-proof grade of iibt6. The main technical parameters are thrust or suction (calculated in kg) and power on duration. It is not allowed to power on for a long time, otherwise it is easy to overheat and cause danger.
12、 Explosion proof other types
In the complex production process, we often meet many special requirements, so we need to manufacture special explosion-proof electrical products. Due to the small output and special requirements of these products, they belong to non-standard products, so they are classified into other explosion-proof products. It mainly includes electrical instrument, temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter, speed transmitter, liquid level meter, quantitative controller, ignition device, camera and other products. These products are basically manufactured for production needs. Although their performance requirements are different, most of them are made of metal, and their types are explosion-proof or increased safety structures. A few of them are intrinsically safe products. Their working voltage and current are generally low, and their explosion-proof grade is Ⅱ CT6. Mine bracket lamp, mine projection lamp, mine led roadway lamp, mine sound light signal device, mine floodlight, emergency lamp, metal halide lamp
In order to have a clear and rational understanding of these products, the factory explosion-proof electrical products are roughly divided into 12 categories. There may be omissions or incompleteness in the above classification. But it basically includes most of the products currently in circulation on the market.
It should be pointed out that there are also some products, such as reducing joint, sealing joint, pipe joint, movable joint, flexible connecting pipe and so on, which are also listed as explosion-proof products by many manufacturers. This is a wrong understanding. These products can only be called auxiliary parts of explosion-proof electrical products. Therefore, the product classification here does not include these products.

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