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New products of lithium multi-function explosion-proof hand lamp on the market

Update: 2021/4/9  Clicks: 8524

Multifunctional explosion-proof hand lamp is a kind of product in explosion-proof searchlight. Nowadays, most of the explosion-proof searchlights are made of lithium batteries, and the product names are very different. Some people like to call it explosion-proof hand lamp
Flashlight, some people like to call strong light explosion-proof searchlight or high-power explosion-proof flashlight. The following small series to recommend a quite nice new multi-functional explosion-proof hand lamp, mainly suitable for fire, military, etc
Other industries search for strong light lighting at night or work lighting at work site, adopt explosion-proof + intrinsically safe explosion-proof design, which is suitable for use in various flammable and explosive places in zone 1 and zone 2, and can also effectively carry out on-site alarm
To enhance the safety of the site with personnel and staff.
The shell is made of imported high hardness alloy material to ensure it can withstand strong collision and impact; the fire lighting equipment has the highest IP66 / IP68 protection grade, multiple waterproof structure, excellent waterproof performance, and can be used normally in various harsh environments;
The product has a low power warning function, and a 4-stage LED power indicator is designed, which can clearly show the remaining power status.
The lamp adopts various working modes, such as concentrating, flooding, red and blue warning, and can switch lighting mode at will; single light source and double light source are available,
It can be carried by hand, shoulder or magnetic adsorption, with double switch operation design, easy to carry and use, simple and intuitive operation.
The tail is designed with high permeability and high visibility azimuth light, which can clearly show the mutual orientation of light holders at the operation site;

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