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R & D Engineer of explosion proof flashlight

Update: 2021/4/8  Number of recruits: 2584

 Job requirements

Job description
Led explosion-proof flashlight R & D Engineer, no relevant work experience is not considered, do not disturb, thank you!
1. Proficient in the whole R & D process of LED flashlight and led explosion-proof flashlight, including project approval, design, proofing, sample preparation, testing, small batch trial production, new product release, and official release of controlled data.
2. Be able to lead and be responsible for the whole process before mass production of new products.
3. Proficient in LED explosion-proof flashlight performance research and development and familiar with LED lamps is preferred.
3. Implement 26 days, eight hours system.
Other requirements
Strong sense of responsibility and hard work.
2. Team spirit, strong goal and self-motivated.
3. Eloquence, strong language skills.
5. Recruitment: 1 person
Salary and treatment
Basic salary + sales promotion, details to be discussed.
Tel: 13691602255

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