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Huazhou Technology HZ7500 high-power flashlight new products on the shelves

Update: 2023/7/31  Clicks: 1629

 ■ Application range:

It is suitable for railway, shipping and other transportation industries and forestry or special industries, as a signal indication, safety warning and working lighting.
■ Performance characteristics:
◆ High efficiency and energy saving: international famous brand LED light source, high light efficiency, high color rendering, low energy consumption and long service life, maintenance-free, no need for subsequent use costs;
◆ Economic and environmental protection: high energy memory-free battery, large capacity, long life, can be charged at any time, recycling, low self-discharge rate, economic and environmental protection, TYPE-C charging port design, can borrow any TPYE-C data line for charging;
◆ Waterproof and anti-fall: precision structural design, high-quality impact resistant alloy material, to ensure that the product can
Enough to withstand strong impact and collision, and waterproof, corrosion resistance is good;
◆ Power display: humanized four-stage power display design, each cell 25% power increase or decrease, and with low voltage warning and automatic low power protection function, when the power is insufficient, the last power display lamp stroboscopic reminder charging;
◆ Reasonable structure: deep reflective cup design, the main lighting irradiation distance; Special treatment of transparent parts can avoid the occurrence of false display phenomenon and ensure the safety of on-site use;
◆ Light and flexible: small size, light weight, compact structure, can be used in hand or waist;
◆ Other functions: Strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability.

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