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Mid autumn holiday notice

Update: 2020/9/17  Clicks: 8436


Notice on the National Day holiday of Mid Autumn Festival in 2020
Dear customers and staff
According to the notice of the general office of the State Council on the holiday arrangement in 2020 and in combination with the actual situation of our company, the holiday arrangement of national day and Mid Autumn Festival in 2020 is hereby notified as follows:
1、 October 1 (Thursday) to 6 (Tuesday) for 6 days;
2、 Go to work on September 26 (Saturday) and September 27 (Sunday).
In order not to affect the production, please do a good job in advance of new and old customers stock plan!
Notice is hereby given
On the coming of Mid Autumn Festival & National Day, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the friends from all walks of life who care and support. I wish you all a happy holiday and all your wishes come true!



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