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Update: 2023/7/17  Clicks: 2051

 HZ5133B miniature explosion-proof induction headlight

Super convenient micro explosion-proof induction headlamp, this explosion-proof induction headlamp shell with PC+ABS plastic material, strong impact resistance, waterproof, dustproof, insulation, corrosion resistance is good, intrinsic-safety explosion-proof design, suitable for zone 1, zone 2 flammable and explosive explosive gas environment safe use. Can be used for network electricity, plant electricity, metallurgy and petrochemical, oil field, public security, fire, railway and other industries for mobile lighting use!


Explosion-proof induction head lamps have two kinds of light source and flood light source, there are ultra-strong light (concentrating), strong light (concentrating), working light (concentrating) and working light (flooding) four working modes, by pressing the switch button can be freely converted!


The HZ5133B mini explosion-proof induction head lamp has a wave sensing function, which can control the opening and closing of the lamp by waving your hand when the sensor function is turned on!


This mini explosion-proof induction headlamp is equipped with headwear, hat matching and hat buckle three ways to wear, can meet a variety of work needs!

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